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The importance of customers choosing aluminum

May. 26, 2020

1. Why is aluminum more expensive than iron?

One of the most abundant metal in the crust is aluminum, which accounts for 7.45% of the whole crust total quality, although aluminum is more abundant in the earth's crust than iron, but the aluminum production process much more complicated than the iron. But aluminum is a more active metallic element, need to smelt by electrolytic process, in the whole process to the cost of consumption is higher than iron, so the price of aluminum is higher than iron.

2. Why should aluminium profile undertake surface treatment commonly?

If the aluminum profile is not surface treatment, the appearance is not beautiful, and in the humid air is easy to be corroded, so it is difficult to meet the requirements of high decorative and strong weather resistance of the aluminum profile in the building materials, in order to improve the decorative effect, enhance corrosion resistance and extend the service life, the aluminum profile generally should be surface treatment.

LIANGYIN aluminum has anodizing, powder coating, fluorocarbon coating, electrophoresis, and other technology to meet the needs of customers.

3. Why would aluminum be used instead of steel?

Due to its excellent structure and functional characteristics, the surface of aluminum has a dense oxide protective film, which has strong corrosion resistance, and can be repeatedly recycled. At the same time, with the improvement of the performance of aluminum and aluminum alloy materials, Its application scope is constantly expanding. "aluminum instead of wood" "aluminum instead of steel" and other materials substitute more and more widely. The characteristics of aluminum profiles are light, energy saving, ecological and recycling to further play out.

Overall, aluminum profiles are used in the construction field with their unique decorative features, excellent sound insulation, thermal insulation and recyclability, in line with the green, environmentally friendly and energy-saving concepts advocated by the state. In the future, as the development of aluminum profile industry and process technology becomes more mature, it will expand into more fields and develop in a diversified direction. It will be more widely used in construction, transportation, home appliances, aviation, machinery and other industries.

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