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Factors affecting the frame and quality of industrial aluminum profiles

Nov. 08, 2023

Industrial aluminum profile frame structure is obviously made of industrial aluminum profile through design and 

processing for different industrial aspects of the frame structure, the scope of application is very wide, mainly 

reflected in the industry, such as mechanical frame, fence frame, and some display items of the frame and so on.

 Industrial aluminum profile frame structure can be widely used in various industrial fields mainly depends on its own 

advantages and the significant benefits brought to the enterprise and decided, industrial aluminum profile first from 

the appearance of the industrial manufacturing industry, usually the appearance of industrial aluminum profile is silver,

 bright and beautiful products are more beautiful, Compared with the traditional steel structure can be said to be the champion, 

in fact, sometimes the industrial aluminum profile is not its appearance, but just like the slogan of the aluminum profile industry, 

rapid assembly system, industrial aluminum profiles can be developed according to the needs of different customers with 

different specifications of industrial aluminum profiles, so it is certain that industrial aluminum profiles are suitable for any

 industrial industry. And the industrial aluminum profile in the frame construction is very time-saving, it can be assembled according

 to the drawing needs provided by the customer, (more accurate than the steel structure welding truss) and 

then achieve rapid assembly on site, saving a lot of manpower and material resources more greatly saving the cost of 

enterprise investment, followed by the industrial aluminum profile also has a significant advantage of non-production is that it can

 be dismantled and reassembled at will in the later change. In this way, the cost of the enterprise is reduced and the industrial 

consumption is greatly saved, which can also bring very significant benefits to the enterprise, which may also be the key to the

 industrial aluminum profile in the industrial manufacturing production can quickly replace the traditional industrial consumables!

Found that customers in the process of purchasing aluminum profiles, most do not know how to see the quality of aluminum profiles.

 And sometimes, many users in order to save costs, and choose some relatively cheap industrial aluminum workbench bracket,

 resulting in cracking and fading in a short time.

Here are the main factors that affect the aluminum profile frame:

The first category: raw materials

First, extrusion defects.

In the process of aluminum extrusion, due to whether the machine equipment is perfect, whether the processing technology is mature 

and whether the employee's operation is improper, it will lead to defects such as white spots, inclusions, delamination, color difference, 

distortion and so on, affecting the quality of aluminum profiles.

Second, the oxide film thickness is thin.

The general standard industrial aluminum profile oxide film thickness should not be less than 10um (micron). If the thickness is not enough,

 the surface of the aluminum profile is easy to rust and corrosion, shortening the service life. And some of the name, site, production license,

 certificate of aluminum profile manufacturers, in order to save costs, its oxide film thickness is only 2 to 4um, and some even have no oxide film. 

It is estimated that each reduction of 1um oxide film thickness can reduce the power consumption cost of more than 150 yuan per ton of profiles. 

So they can earn a lot of profits from it, which is why some customers say that the price of a certain company is lower than our reason.


Third, the chemical composition is not qualified.

In order to retain customers, some manufacturers do not hesitate to incorporate a large number of aluminum, aluminum scrap aluminum profiles

 can greatly reduce costs, but it will lead to unqualified chemical composition of industrial aluminum profiles, seriously endangering the life of aluminum profiles.

Fourth, reduce the wall thickness of the profile.

Some manufacturers will make the wall thickness of aluminum profiles insufficient, originally 1.5MM thick aluminum, they in order to save costs,

 only 1.2MM, in this way, the price of an aluminum must be much cheaper. But the customer does not know, but also thought to find a good supplier, 

in fact, was cheated to help him count money.

The second category: accessories

There are many kinds of industrial aluminum accessories, and different parts will use different accessories, 

so each accessory plays light and heat in their positions. The types of these accessories mainly include: Built-in connector, 

square nut block, metal shoe, shrapnel nut block, Fuma wheel corner slot connector, three-dimensional corner type connector,

 anchor corner piece, movable hinge, slot strip connector, end cover plate, steering Angle piece, flat seal groove bar, common handle,

 door intake, spacing connecting block, hinge, metal hinge, caster, compound caster, etc.

The first is an aluminum alloy right Angle seat, the material of this right Angle seat is made of aluminum alloy as its name implies. 

This kind of accessory is relatively strong and stable, so it is often used for medium and high connections. When using this kind of accessories, 

we must be careful, first put the square nut, or the T-shaped nut, the diamond nut in the slot of the profile, and then use the screw of stainless steel to connect.

The second is aluminum alloy handle, the main material of this material is aluminum alloy, the main use is used to open doors and Windows,

 it has a strong practicality, and adaptability is also very strong. When in use, put the square nut into the profile slot accurately, 

and then connect the fitting material with the handle properly with the hex screw.

The third is the Angle aluminum connection seat, which is mainly composed of aluminum alloy, and is mainly used for 

medium-strength and high-strength connections. This kind of material is made of equal-edge Angle aluminum, and after drilling a gap 

on its side, it can be used to fix the guard plate, which has many uses.

The fourth is strong nylon. Its material is different from the above three, it is mainly made of nylon. In practical applications, 

it is generally used for opening doors and Windows. Use the same method as the aluminum alloy handle, 

put the nut into the profile slot, and then connect with the handle, tighten it.

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