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Main factors affecting product output and quality

Jul. 11, 2020

1. The importance of aluminum rod quality

For aluminum profiles with high quality requirements, the quality of the aluminum rod directly affects the quality and output of the product. Alloying, graining, refining and homogenizing high-quality ingots can reduce the loss of the mold and improve the effective Production time, thereby increasing extrusion speed to achieve maximum output.

2. Advanced equipment and high-quality workers are the premise of increasing output

For improving the output of extruded products, advanced equipment, high-quality workers, and modern scientific management play a vital role.

3. The importance of mold

Reasonable mold design, timely nitriding improves the hardness and smoothness of the mold work belt, reduces the number of mold changes, reduces non-ergonomic time, improves product quality, and reduces the scrap rate, which is very important to maximize output.

4. The important relationship between temperature control and increasing output

The first factor is the extrusion force of the extruder. Larger extrusion force can be extruded smoothly when the billet temperature is low; the second factor is the mold design. The friction between the metal and the mold wall during extrusion is usually The temperature of the passing aluminum alloy is increased by 35~62℃; the third factor is the characteristics of the extruded alloy, which is an uncontrollable factor that limits the extrusion speed. The exit temperature of the profile generally cannot exceed 540℃, otherwise, the surface of the material The quality will be reduced, the mold marks will be obviously increased, and even aluminum sticking, gravure, micro cracks, tears, etc. will appear. The last factor is temperature and its degree of control. Precise temperature control is essential to increase production.

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