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Aluminum Extrusion Profile Knowledge - Advantages of Aluminum Extrusion

Jul. 04, 2020

As we all know, aluminum extrusion has become a very effective and widely used method for aluminum alloy molding. Extrusion of aluminum alloy into aluminum profile is also traceable. Through the process of aluminum alloy being extruded, you can know its characteristics and know why the performance of aluminum profile is so good?

The aluminum profile is extruded in a closed extrusion barrel, and its deformation is completed under high hydrostatic pressure, so the basic characteristics of the aluminum profile are produced. Many of the characteristics of aluminum profiles are cast due to the stress and strain conditions during extrusion, metal flow, and the quality of raw materials. Of course, production capacity and production efficiency are also two important reasons. The advantages of aluminum extrusion are many. For example, the material can be joined by one-time molding, and the cross-section of the material from the exit shape of the mold can also be made; from the economic point of view, one-time molding saves a lot of labor and time costs, and does not waste.

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